DAL-LE (Bing Image Creator)

Welcome to DAL-LE images.

To clear it up, all of these images have been generated through DAL-LE 3 except for one and all these images that are generated come out from Bing Image Creator because firstly it's free, and I remember the DAL-LE 2 images looked better out of Bing than OpenAI's interface for some reason.

Abandoned Classroom

Source: DAL-LE 2 (Bing Image Creator)

Date: 17/03/2023, 14:41

Format: 1024x1024 jpeg (1:1)

Prompt: "create a painting of an empty abandoned classroom, but the windows are open and sun is shining in brightening the room with chairs and desks and face the viewer to the black board and make the paint on the wall whiter and make the sun have a cooler shade of white"

Comment: This is a pretty nice image considering it's DAL-LE 2, just don't look into the details of this image and you're fine... But overall it's not bad compared to the result outputted by DAL-LE 2 through OpenAI's website. (Pictured Here)
Also, sorry, but I've lost the image creator link to this image as I had posted the image and prompt in a DM with my friend, when we were creating random images with AI.

Airedale Terrier Sniffing

Source: DAL-LE 3 (Bing Image Creator), (link) 

Date: 05/10/2023, 20:18

Format: 1024x1024 jpeg (1:1)

Prompt: "An airedale terrier sniffering through the Australian outback to find a bone, make the setting be sunset with the sun behind the dog with rich shadows coming toward the viewer, there is no clouds in the sky, and the wind is still and there are no trees. The colours are rich and warm, there should be no cool colours. Make the painting less cartoony and more realistic and have thicker brush strokes and make the airedale more fluffier, but not too fluffy."

Comment: Beautiful image, the shadows, and colours are amazing and represent the dog breed very well. The only critique is that the fourth leg is non-existent, but we can assume and forget that behind the front leg.