Adobe Firefly Content

Haven't played around with Firefly until version 2 was announced and started beta, I've been impressed by Firefly so far.

Pastel Blocks

Source: Firefly 2

Date: 29/10/23, 15:51

Format: 2304x1792 jpeg (4:3)

Prompt: "create a stock colourful geometric background for an arts blog, have pastel colours and have the shapes more blocky and square" with Low lighting, Pastel colours, and Hyper realistic styles selected with the content type being art.

Comment: Yes, this is the background image I decided to use as its just really fun and colourful, I love it. The styles don't really do anything, but to be honest I don't care it's a cool image. Unfortunately, I was using my Adobe Enterprise account instead of my personal and I'm blocked from creating shareable links, I'm sorry.